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neediness at the early hours of the morning

[originally posted: november 25, 2005 00:01]

I would be yours, you know. just to know that you wanted me, for the quietness of a bond that you wouldn't even have to acknowledge, or anything like that. you could say it, that I'm yours, and I would be it for you. all you'd have to do is talk to me every once in a while and maybe pet my hair and I'd be okay, happier than I am now. it'd even be alright if you didn't really want me, 'cause I'd be good to you and every time I saw you I'd feel like I was something treasured, even if it wasn't true. and I could be all raw and open, but I wouldn't be scared in the mornings anymore, 'cause I'd know that I had somewhere to be. it wouldn't even have to be that much...
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